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Howard and Thomas at The Tucker Inn

Our Family

Howard, Thomas, and dogs

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Ours is a mixed family of humans and canines.  There’s me, Howard, and there’s Thomas, my romantic partner, and fellow innkeeper.  Then there are the first class citizens in this household: Colby and Chloe. Even as a puppy, Colby was the grand sage of the Tucker Inn and now his age is gradually catching up with his wisdom. Chloe’s the youngest member of the clan. She majors in loving and minors in barking. She adores Colby first, then her daddies, then any visiting dog close to her in size.

Thomas and I met on New Year’s Eve (a number of them ago) and he’s become an essential part of life at the Tucker Inn. Those of you who’ve enjoyed or will enjoy our Saturday cocktail parties have Thomas to thank for them. He’s got a great sense of what will make people happy and he makes it happen.

You might say that innkeeping was in my chromosomes. I was conceived while my parents were running a small hotel in the Catskills. They only spent a summer or two in the biz, but that apparently is all that it took to get me imprinted.  While waiting for my karmic destiny to unfold, I lived and worked in New York City., spending over two decades living in a houseboat at the 79th Street Boat Basin.  For work, I founded and was a partner in Burchman Terrio Quist LLC (now BTQ Financial), a consulting firm working with non-profit human services providers in planning, project and financial management.

The time came for me to leave NYC – I’d reached a point when I could look 15 years into the future and see what I’d be doing and it was no longer making me happy. I had a moment of inspiration while snorkeling in Vieques, Puerto Rico that I needed to get a B&B in Provincetown. Not long after that, the Tucker Inn and I came together.

It’s a really good thing that innkeeping was in my genes because I didn’t know all that much about it when I started and if Colby knew more than I did, he wasn’t letting on.  But with time comes experience and sometimes understanding. Being innkeeper at The Tucker Inn has been a journey of discovery. The inn and our family have evolved and grown together, striving for the balance of peaceful and connected, Zen and rock & roll.

Today we run the Tucker Inn seasonally. I continue my consulting work with government agencies and non-profit organizations in homelessness and HIV/AIDS housing pretty much all over the US. In the winter I travel to Asia and the handicrafts I collect are gradually finding their way everywhere in the house.

We value the time that you can spend on vacation and do our best to make it memorable. Please join us at the Tucker Inn where we all do our very best to practice the art of innkeeping.

~ Howard

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